Profile Picture From Stage Lights to Spiritual Heights: The Genesis of Morgan O. Smith's Odyssey

Born amidst the rhythmic beats of Kingston, Jamaica on January 29, 1972, I, Morgan O. Smith, made my way to the bustling streets of Toronto, Ontario, Canada the same year. One of eight siblings, our household echoed with the diverse sounds of laughter, chatter, and occasional cries. Our parents led us to the doors of a Pentecostal church, with my father ultimately embracing the mantle of a church minister.

Yet, the harmony of church bells was often drowned out by the discordant notes of my childhood. The sanctuary that the church promised was juxtaposed with instances of emotional, mental, and physical abuse I both witnessed and endured. The world outside wasn't any kinder. The bitter sting of racial discrimination at school left scars that triggered a rebellious phase, turning the victim into the perpetrator.

Music, however, was my refuge. From church choirs to high school stages, the applause and appreciation for my voice were my only semblance of acceptance.

In my teens, an ethereal encounter with what I perceived as an angelic being, seemingly aggressive, left an indelible mark. It nudged me towards a journey of exploration away from the confines of my Christian upbringing. That path saw its fair share of challenges - from skirmishes with the law to confronting the ghosts of my past. My careers in music, comedy, and television brought fame, but not fulfillment.

One evening, my dear friend Tara introduced me to shrooms. That psychedelic experience opened portals of perception I'd never imagined. Hungry for more, I chanced upon light and sound machines during a hypnotherapy session, setting the stage for my tryst with brainwave entrainment.

Those early days with the technology felt like a cerebral symphony – sparking creativity, granting euphoric highs, lucid dreams, and a profound sense of well-being. This transformative journey, interspersed with my learnings from musical engineering and sound physics, saw me craft my brainwave entrainment soundtracks. It was a path of research, collaboration, and evolution that culminated in the birth of Yinnergy.

Incorporating the nuances of Vortex Based Mathematics with low-carrier beat frequencies, Yinnergy was more than a technological marvel; it was a spiritual compass. After five intense years of meditative immersion, I experienced my first spiritual awakening, stream-entry, reshaping my understanding of existence.

2010-2019 marked a period of profound mystical experiences, climaxing in the attainment of Turiyatitta in 2019 - a state of absolute nondual realization, a truth so profound that words barely scratch its surface.

From the stages of Toronto to the meditative realms of Yinnergy, my journey has been anything but ordinary. Each chapter, with its highs and lows, has been a stepping stone towards a greater understanding, an enlightenment that I now share with the world. But as all tales go, mine too is ongoing, and the true depths of this experience? Well, that's a story for another day.

- Morgan


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